Pain Pill Abuse Is More Common Than You Think

Pain Pill abuse is more common than you think.

Surveys indicate that there are at least 7 million regular prescription drug abusers in the U.S. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

The five most commonly diverted prescription drugs are opiates.

Partnership for a Drug Free America estimates that 2500 teens experiment with RX drugs, for the first time, every day.

Emergency room visits caused by non-medical use of RX drugs rose 111% between 2004 and 2008 (SAMHSA)

People who abuse prescription pain pills who have jobs may arrive at work under the influence of the narcotic.  Studies show that teenagers are also exposed to illicit drugs.  This trend increases the likelihood of an employer potentially hiring someone who has an addiction to pain pills.  Employers would not be willing to hire someone who is addicted to heroin but yet they expose themselves to the same risk and liability by hiring someone who is addicted to prescription pain pills.  It is beneficial for employers to learn the signs and indicators associated with pain pill abuse.

Call Traffic Safety Research, Inc., to have your supervisors trained to recognize impaired employees at 315-750-0035.


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